Silver Series Stroller Wagon | Navy


Extendable Handle

Silver Series Stroller Wagon | Navy

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Extendable Handle

Product description

The SILVER SERIES Push Pull Folding Wagon comes standard with the following brand new features: rear door for hauling oversized items, removable/fold-up tray to support oversized items (tray can also be used inside wagon for laptop, tablet, books, snacks etc.) and removable cooler.

No other foldable wagon has the option to not only pull the wagon with the extendable handle, but also push it with the padded, adjustable push handle.

Several added safety features keep your kids happy, protected, and safe including:
• locking foot-activated brakes on all four wheels
• two 3-point child seat belt safety harnesses to keep toddlers safe
• several storage pockets and pouches to keep your gear organized
• folding basket in the rear for your purse and phone etc., and removable soft-sided cooler for drinks, snacks, medications, etc.
• rear door and removable/folding tray for hauling oversized items
• a removable canopy for protection from the sun
• 360 degree swivel front wheels for maximum maneuverability
• locking latch to keep wagon securely folded in folded position

Add more convenience and comfort with these add on accessories (sold separately):
• Removable Rain Cover and Bug Net are also available for even more protection from rain, wind, bugs, and insects (sold separately).
• Inflatable Seat Cushion for added comfort on those long rides (sold separately).
• Insulated Cold Weather Cover to keep occupants warm during the colder months (sold separately).
• Protective Cover to protect your wagon during long term storage or travel (sold separately).
 Soft-sided cooler bag to keep to keep snacks fresh and drinks and medications cool.
• Extension tray for hauling oversized items or as a table or shelf inside the wagon.
 Replacement canopy or upgraded Titanium Series convertible canopy.

This versatile wagon is the perfect solution for:
• shopping sprees at the mall
• family vacations
• day at the beach
• picnics at the park
• sporting events for teams and coaches
• trade shows
• camping trips
• transporting materials and tools around the house, garden, and garage

The easily removable front handle detaches with the removal of just one bolt.

When the fun is done for the day quickly and easily fold up the compact pushable wagon for transport or storage.
The folding cart conveniently remains in the closed, folded position with a retaining clip making it small enough to fit in most car trunks.

PUSH like a stroller on smooth hard surfaces like sidewalks.
PULL like a wagon on soft surfaces like sand, grass, and snow.

Open and folded dimensions shown in photos above.

• Weight capacity: 150lbs
• Wagon weight: 34lbs

Several colors and accessories available.

Download PDF Instructions
Push Pull Folding Wagon Instructions

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