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All-Terrain Deluxe Wagon - Black Gray

All-Terrain Deluxe Wagon - Black Gray

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The All Terrain Deluxe Folding Wagon is capable of hauling up to 150lbs. The little brother of our XXL Hauler Deluxe series, comes with all same utilities but in a smaller form. 

  • RUBBER ALL-TERRAIN WHEELS - Comes equipped with ball bearings for decreased rolling resistance and increased load capacity. You can smoothly glide across many surfaces including grass, dirt, concrete, pavement, sandy beaches, and more! The front wheels swivel 360 degrees to allow a tight turning radius and easily maneuver around obstacles and navigate the terrain. The bigger wheels dampen the bumps in your path so the precious cargo and passengers experience a smooth ride.

  • REMOVABLE HEAVY DUTY FABRIC - The fabric is tough and durable to handle anything you throw at it, and can easily be removed and cleaned with a rinse from the hose or simply wiping it down. You can confidently and reliably haul your gear without worrying about messes or durability.
  • REMOVABLE CANOPY - Removable canopy for protection from the sun.
  • REMOVABLE  TABLETOP Turn your folding wagon into a flat table platform with 2 cupholders.
  • EXTENDABLE CARGO RACK - Ideal for camping, events, deliveries, farmer's markets, vacations, and more. Strap the cooler to it at the beach, Cookie boxes for Girl Scouts, etc.
  • LOTS OF STORAGE - Flip over your table top, reveals 5 storage pockets per side. 
  • PORTABILITY - This foldable wagon is portable - when not in use, fold it up and store it in the trunk of your car, closet, or garage. When you need it - pull it out and simply unfold it. Great for people who fish, camp, hike, go on outdoor excursions, make deliveries, and more.
    Inside Basket: 17.5"W x 32.75"D x 10.5"H
    Opened: 19.75"W x 44"D x 19"H    (47.5"H including handle when upright)
    Folded: 19.75"W x 10"D x 30.5"H
    Wheels: 4"W x 7"H
    Weight: 31lbs

Download PDF Instructions
All-Terrain Folding Wagon Instructions
Fabric Removal Instructions

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**Ice box is used to show usage of the Cooler Rack, and is not included in the purchase of this product.

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