Push Pull Folding Stroller Wagon Comparison

Push Pull Folding Stroller Wagon Comparison

Which Custom Folding Wagons Push Pull Folding Stroller Wagon is Right For You?

Titanium Series vs Silver Series - A Detailed Comparison 

The Creative Outdoor Distributor Titanium Series and Silver Series Push Pull Folding Stroller Wagons have a lot of similarities as shown in the comparison chart below.

  Titanium Series Silver Series
Solid Rubber Tires
360° Front Swivel Wheels
Brakes All 4 Wheels
Sun Shade Canopy
Adjustable Stroller Push Handle
Wagon-Style Pull Handle

Rear Basket
Cooler Bag
Rear Door
Rear Extension Tray
Safety Harness Seatbelts

 So, if so much is the same, what's the difference? 

Sun Shade Canopy

The Titanium Series comes with a convertible sun shade canopy. Half of the canopy zips open revealing a mesh screen underneath so you can see into or out of the wagon. A great way to maintain face to face communication with children while out for a ride.

The Silver Series sun shade does not have this feature but the Titanium Series Sun Shade fits, and can be purchased separately as an upgrade for Silver Series wagons.

Rear Extension Tray

The Titanium Series has a permanently attached rear extension tray that folds up and clips to the frame of the wagon which neatly constrains the rear basket.

The Silver Series has a removable rear extension tray and cannot be upgraded to the Titanium Series.

The Extension Tray can be used inside both wagons as a table for games or snacks.

They both have the rear door opening. (Titanium Series Shown)

Silver Series Tray How-To Video:

Wheels and Suspension

The Titanium Series has new wheels with suspension resulting in a smoother ride and a more stroller-like look.

The Silver Series has wider wheels that still ride smooth but no suspension and cannot be upgraded.

Both have brakes on all four wheels. (Titanium Series Shown)

Seatbelt Safety Harness

The Titanium Series has a 5-point safety harness.

How to use and install the 5-point seatbelt video:

The Silver Series has 3-point seatbelt safety harness and can be upgraded. But the shoulder straps will not be functional. It will remain a 3-point seatbelt harness.There may be an upgrade kit in the future. But not at this time.

Available Colors

They are both available in Teal, Pink, Purple, Black, and Navy.
The Titanium Series is also available in Red.

The Silver Series is not currently available in Red.

Weight and Load Capacity

Titanium Series weighs about 34 lbs and the Silver Series weighs about 33lbs.

Both can carry up to 150lbs.

The Titanium Series is about 2.5" higher which may make loading and unloading a little easier on the back. 

Overall Dimensions

Titanium Series Dimensions (Not yet available. Only real difference is about 2.5" higher than Silver Series)

Silver Series Dimensions


All accessories are interchangeable between the Titanium Series and Silver Series.

Titanium Series Promo Video

How To Fold And Unfold Your Push Pull Stroller Wagon

So which Custom Folding Wagons Push Pull Folding Wagon should I buy?

Both the Titanium Series and Silver Series Push Pull Stroller Wagons are great folding wagons and customers are extremely happy with both. You really can't go wrong with either one. They are both top quality wagons that will serve you well.

A deciding factor for many is the 5 point seat belts with shoulder straps that come with the Titanium Series. If you're on the fence and really can't decide just keep in mind, the Titanium is the top of the line and only $40 more.

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