Fun End of Summer Activities

Fun End of Summer Activities

Our society has a tendency to jump into the next season, long before our current season has passed. Think about how excited you felt at the beginning of this summer. You dug your family’s swim suits out of storage, tucked away everyone’s coats, and eagerly awaited a poolside tan. Did you do everything you wanted to do this summer? 

As stores and restaurants bombard us with Halloween decorations and pumpkin spiced everything, we’ve got news for you: summer isn’t over yet! Keep that sun hat and SPF out a little while longer and let’s make the most of our last few weeks of summer. 


Have you taken your family to the beach yet? If you live near the coast, we hope you’ve been soaking up some salt water and sun rays. If not, what are you waiting for?? Pack your beach bag and bask in the season’s final hot days with your family and friends. 


According to the National Library of Medicine, being near the ocean, lake, or any waterscape can significantly improve your mental health. So, depending on your location or preference, a day at the lake offers many activities for the whole family to enjoy: boating, skiing, fishing, or swimming…the possibilities for water fun are endless! 

Paddle Board 

Take in the natural view of your waterfront location from the best seat in the house: your paddle board! Paddle boarding is a water sport that is growing in popularity because it can be thrilling or meditative, depending on your mood and skill level. Use an inflatable or a rigid paddle board to cruise the waves and marvel at the splendor of summertime. 


If your neighborhood or city pools are still open, take advantage of the opportunity and put the final touches on your summertime tan. Have you ever noticed how well you and your kids sleep after going to the pool? The water, sun, and all that exercise is great for sleep and overall health! 


We can’t think of a more beautiful way to say farewell to summer than a peaceful kayaking trip down a river. If you don’t have a kayak, many lake and ocean fronts offer kayak rentals, or borrow one from a friend. Kayaking could also be the perfect opportunity to spend meaningful time with your partner or other family member.

Whatever your plans are to celebrate the final weeks of summer, Creative Wagons has the solution for getting you, your family, and all your stuff to your destination. Our XXL Deluxe Hauler Wagon is capable of hauling up to 150 pounds and is perfect for a day at the beach. When you aren’t using it to transport your cooler and other beach items, simply fold it up OR use it as a table! The cargo area is very big, but still easily folds up, just like the original Creative Outdoor All-Terrain folding wagons. The rubber, all terrain wheels can move easily through grass, dirt, and sand, with front wheels that swivel 360 degrees for effortless navigation. It also includes removable heavy duty fabric, a removable canopy, a removable tabletop, an extendable cargo rack, and a TON of  storage pace! Our All Terrain Deluxe Folding Wagon is the little brother of our XXL Hauler Deluxe series with all the same utilities, but in a smaller form. 

Our transition into fall brings a lot of change and excitement; we encourage you to slow down this beautiful, in-between season and spend as much time outside as you can, enjoying Summer’s Goodbye and Autumn’s Hello.

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