Cornhole boards that have a built-in sound system! Meet the BumpBoard from Bumpboxx that packs 150 watts of audio power into a cornhole board. Oh did we mention it has a PA system with wireless microphone. Think about the trash talk at the next tailgating party.

Learn more by watching the video below and get your own by visiting BUMPBOXX.

BumpBoard Review


You likely don’t see many smoked cocktails at a tailgating party, but you may soon. The Aged and Charred Cocktail smoker kit is highly portable and simple to use. Your cocktails will stand out from crowd.

Learn more in our review video below and get your own by visiting AGED & CHARRED.

Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit


A wagon can help haul your tailgating gear, pets and kids around any tailgating party. Now you can do it in style, with ease and keep the sun out with the Wagon Buggy. If you’re ready to enjoy walking around the tailgating party, it’s time for the Wagon Buggy.

Learn more in our video below and visit CREATIVE WAGONS to get your own wagon.

Wagon Buggy Review


Keep your phone from overheating, your drinks colder and your snacks from melting with Shadepop. This mini umbrella has a magnetic base that can stand up to intense winds and can drastically reduce the temperature of items that fall in the range of its cool shade.

Learn more in our review video and get your own by visiting SHADEPOP.

Shadepop Review


Hot dogs are a classic tailgate grilling food and now we have found how to make hot dogs taste and look better. Too good to be true? It’s fact with SLOTDOG, the hot dog slicing tool. The SLOTDOG adds criss cross cuts into the hot dog that adds touches of flavored char to across the hot dog and the presentation is top notch. If you are a true hot dog fan and haven’t tried the SLOTDOG, the time is now.

Learn more in our video below and get your own by visiting SLOTDOG.

SLOTDOG Review Video


Tailgating time means the days are starting to get shorter, but that doesn’t mean your tailgating party needs to end when teh sun goes down, thanks to Brightz. Brightz makes a variety of lights to light up your chairs, cornhole boards, coolers and tailgating tents. If you’re ready to light up your tailgate it’s time for Brightz.

Learn more in our video below and then get your own by visiting BRIGHTZ.

Brightz Tailgating Lights


Every tailgate needs power and we found the Relion Outlaw portable power station that stood up to our Tailgating Challenge. With 1,000 watts pure power and 2,000 watts peak power this was able to power a variety of tailgating goodies. Oh and while it’s powering your gear it looks great doing it, with the stylish blue casing and digital panel.

Learn more in our video review below and then go to RELION to get your own.

Relion Outlaw Review Video


If your paper towels have ever blown away, fallen in something wet, gotten someones dirty hands all over the unused towels, then you may need to Take A Roll. This helps solve many of the issues with a roll of paper towels at a tailgating party. Just slide the paper towels in to the Take A Roll and they are protected from dirt, grimy hands, and the wind.

See this in action in our video below and you can get your own by visiting TAKE A ROLL.

Take a Roll Review


Every great tailgate needs a cooler and with the Igloo Trailmate you can easily get your cooler to the tailgate, have a waterproof storage pocket, bottle opener, have attachments for your umbrella, and more. This cooler can go off-roading so it doesn’t matter if you’re tailgating in a paved lot, or have to get to the party through some rougher terrain, the Trailmate can handle it. Now we are thinking of a new name for the cooler: TailgateMate.

Learn more in our video below and then visit IGLOO to get your own.

Igloo Trailmate Cooler Video Review


Finally, our top 10 list goes to one of our favorite tailgating chairs that just got an upgrade. We have been fans of the Kijaro Dual Lock chair for years and they just took it to the next level with their new line of NFL chairs. The Dual Lock chair feature locks the chair into place for no sag seating and the team colors coupled with your favorite team logo will ensure everyone knows who you are pulling for on game day.

Get your own by visiting KIJARO.

Kijaro NFL Chair


These were our top 10 items to help improve your tailgate in 2023. What was your favorite tailgating item? What did we miss? Let us know, as we love to hear from our tailgating family. We will continue testing the latest and greatest tailgating gear to get ready for next season. Join us for the ride and follow us on all of our social media channels.

*No brand paid to be in our list. These were just some of our favorite items that we tested over the year that we believe can add value to your tailgate.

Written by: Luke Lorick 9/7/23

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